December 6, 2022

World Chess Championship: If Magnus takes the lead in crucial fourth game it could get one-sided

I think the initial three games followed the example of a common World Championship match. The two players were trying each other on various lines, with practically no undeniable shortcoming based on one or the other side in conditions of opening or procedure. However, Magnus (Carlsen) ought to be content, particularly about the third game, where he had a somewhat simple draw notwithstanding playing with the dark pieces.

Diving into the specialized side of things, Nepo’s (Ian Nepomniachtchi) first move was e4 (King’s pawn opening) in the two games where he played with the white pieces. Magnus reacted to that with e5 in the two games. Against e5, Nepo embraced Ruy Lopez. Magnus countered that with the Morphy protection, utilizing the Marshall variety. Nepo would have rather not permit that and depended on the Anti-Marshall counter. It’s a bit by bit process.

Nepo’s next game with the white pieces would be Game No.5. In case he plays e4 once more, not really that Magnus would rehash e5. He may do it, he may not. He could well go to c5, the Sicilian guard. Yet, I think in the fifth game, Nepo would probably play d4 – the Queen’s pawn opening – to attempt to sort out how Magnus’ group has arranged against that. He has played e4 in his initial two games with white, and possibly he can feel that it’s an ideal opportunity to change.

After two games with the white pieces, Nepo has sufficient data concerning how Magnus’ group has arranged against e4. Presently Nepo’s group is relied upon to chip away at breaking the current line – Magnus’ e5 – while attempting to get data about the last’s arrangement against d4. Various groups have distinctive match methodologies. At the point when we were at the World Championship, particularly during (Viswanathan) Anand’s match against (Boris) Gelfand, our system was that we would play both e4 and d4, and with the dark pieces, we would begin with e5 against e4 in the main several games. What’s more, when the rival would begin investing energy in that, we would move to another opening. So it’s especially conceivable that Magnus would now go to the Sicilian, however this is the kind of thing you can’t anticipate. He may well adhere to the current line.

As a player, I am not estimating anything. I’m amped up for the World Championship however as respects to openings or potentially moves, I don’t guess. Obviously, when Anand was playing, it was totally unique, for I was straightforwardly involved. Here, I am anticipating an incredible match and that is the thing that I am seeing.The second game was extremely engaging and at the post-game public interview Magnus talked about submitting a “bumble”. Yet, I don’t add a lot to that. Remarks at question and answer sessions are typically exceptionally conventional and I don’t treat them in a serious way. There will be botches in each game. Assuming I run each game through the PC and put it under the magnifying lens, a few mix-ups can be found. Once in a while do we see a totally immaculate game – one out 10, that is the proportion and even there additionally, it very well may be a case that the second-best move was played some place rather than the best one. Mix-ups will occur.

I had before referenced that if Nepo would take the match profound with the scores level, his possibilities would increment. Regardless of whether that would occur, it’s too soon to say. By and large, when draws stack up, the challenger’s certainty level goes up, while the title holder will in general get a touch brazen. For instance, assuming there’s an impasse even after the Game No. 13, then, at that point, Carlsen no longer remaining parts the top pick. Starting there of view, Nepo ought to be content to take the match profound. Of course, Magnus has more energy overall. He won’t get worn out.

In the main game that Magnus has played with the white pieces up until this point, he went for the Catalan opening. Be that as it may, I don’t anticipate that he should rehash it in the following game. Indeed, in light of my experience, I wouldn’t believe assuming he does it. Nepo has played two games with the white pieces up until now and he can’t be excited with what occurred, however he shouldn’t be baffled additionally with the result. The match hasn’t taken a takeoff from the typical at this point. With the dark pieces in the subsequent game, Nepo was under genuine tension at a certain point. Yet, other than that, it’s as yet about the two players testing one another.

I think the fourth game will be exceptionally critical, Magnus’ second endeavor with the white pieces. Assuming that he starts to lead the pack here, it could without much of a stretch get uneven.

(Grandmaster Surya Sekhar Ganguly was one of Viswanathan Anand’s seconds and helped him in winning the World Championship matches against Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov. He addressed Shamik Chakrabarty)

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