September 21, 2023

When the peasant beats his lord

The one who opened his eyes as the child of a ruined worker, and went to jail on various events for the freedoms of haaris, could scarcely have envisioned growing up that he would overcome a medieval ruler in neighborhood bodies races. However, here is Comrade Ghulam Mustafa Chandio, a victor at 69 years old.

He challenged the political race from the ancestral area of Kamber-Shahdadkot region where individuals of the less special portions of society are not even permitted to sit before the clan leader.

In spite of various types of dangers, he considered thinking the unimaginable, challenge, and even win a general councilor seat, overcoming the chosen one of a medieval ruler.

It was extreme contest in the Ghaibi Dero association committee, which is the home supporters of Nawab Sardar Ahmed Chandio, a decision Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA and the clan leader of the Chandio tribe.

Local people have expressed that for ages, nobody thought about challenging a political race against the candidates of clan leaders, yet Ghulam Mustafa Chandio stood up and conflicted with business as usual.

“I challenged the political decision for two positions. One was for UC administrator against the primary cousin of our clan leader, one more for the general councilor. After a major battle, they crushed me involving state hardware in UC Ward-III, yet couldn’t fix the political race in a ward where I have cleared the decisions,” he gloated.

The councilor-choose challenged the surveys on a ticket of the Awami Tehreek, a delegate party of the haari and mazdoor class. As indicated by political decision commission results, Comrade got 333 votes, while next in line Riza Chandio could get 135.

Not long after the outcomes, there were festivities nearby.

“I have asked individuals not to visit me, but rather I like to go to the doorsteps of each and every individual who upheld me,” announced the cheerful victor.

Chandio was not really a four-year-old when his dad died. In the wake of getting his essential schooling, he followed the way of his precursors and turned into a worker, with an unexpected occupation as a herder taking care of his family’s steers.

“At the point when I was a young person, one of my companions who used to live in a close by town carried a book with him. The title was “Harriyan Je Baghawat” (The revolt of workers). It was a defining moment in my life when I read the book on his demand,” he said.

Companion’s initial move towards rebellion was to quit going to occasions coordinated by his primitive ruler.

“Then I began going to the projects of workers which were organided by Rasool Bux Palijo, Fazul Rahu and Qazi Abdul Ghafar, all legends who pushed against feudalism and for the privileges of laborers,” he said.

In the wake of turning into an individual from Awami Tehreek, drove by Palijo, Comrade Ghulam Mustafa Chandio turned into a prestigious dissident and went to many long walks by walking from Sukkur to Karachi and Kashmore to Karachi for the privileges of workers, as well as the deficiency of water system water.

“Two times, I went to prison with Palijo Sahab during the long walks.”

“At the point when I began a political profession, read books and papers, and invested energy with my political administration, out of nowhere the feeling of dread toward the clan leader vanished and I unmitigatedly stood up and became vocal against the savagery and segregation of the neighborhood powerful. This is the means by which I chose to challenge the surveys,” he said.

Companion said this was his subsequent political race and his most memorable triumph has given pleasure to the existences of underestimated individuals.

“Our clan leader and his sibling are chosen MPAs of our region and their mentality can be estimated from the way that they don’t [even] warmly greet poor people,” he said.

His surveying specialist and political extremist Murk Manan Chandio, a new lady move on from the region, let The Express Tribune know that individuals were scared “when we requested that they vote in favor of us [back in 2015 elections]”.

“They used to say that our clan leader will rebuff them assuming we conflict with their desires. Presently, the circumstances appear to have changed. Many individuals straightforwardly support us with next to no apprehension,” she said.

Murk Manan asked individuals from the center and lower-working class must to approach. “Confidant takes unfortunate patients to Karachi, Hyderabad, and different urban communities and towns assuming anybody falls genuinely sick. He bears all the cost from his pocket and helps destitute individuals in any crisis,” she said.

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