September 21, 2023

The Van Tulleken brothers chew the fat on obesity – podcasts of the week

Picks of the week

A Thorough Examination With Drs Chris and Xand

The Van Tulleken siblings’ new webcast examines why Xand is large and Chris isn’t, notwithstanding the reality the TV specialists are indistinguishable twins. It’s a circumstance that reached a crucial stage after the two of them got Covid, and Xand fostered a heart condition. They start by thinking back on their youth dinners, prior to investigating the impacts of Xand’s distressing year living in America. There’s much legend busting, with the superseding message that weight is certainly not a straightforward issue to comprehend and handle. Hannah Verdier

One Year

This new web recording from the group behind Slate’s Slow Burn sees have Josh Levin home in on the occasions of 1977, a year when “gay rights remained in a critical state, Roots overwhelmed the wireless transmissions, and Jesus showed up on a tortilla”. Its first scene recounts the narrative of Anita Bryant, an artist turned enemy of gay rights campaigner, and the sentimental frenzy she assisted with inducing in Florida in the last part of the 70s. The expressions of her foes, similar to Bob Kunst, make for interesting tuning in, however there is one especially incredible meeting which Levin saves directly until the end. Hannah J DaviesWhat if being enlightened that you weren’t right concerning something was certifiably not something terrible, but instead a chance to return to every one of the things you thought you knew? That is by and large what the web recording You’re Wrong About does, offering a glance back at the past, short the rose-colored glasses.

Every week, has Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall investigate an alternate theme, covering everything from the Satanic Panic to the tale of KoKo The Gorilla and my new top choice, drop culture. As columnists, Michael and Sarah are intensive without stalling out in the minutia, while as podcasters they are warm and drawing in, both with one another and their crowd.

Paying attention to You’re Wrong About resembles participating in a discussion with your most intelligent companions. You probably won’t get everything, except you’ll become familiar with a lot.Talking focuses

Last week’s British Podcast Awards saw wins for any semblance of Kurupt FM (best parody), RedHanded (audience members’ decision), Where Is George Gibney? (snapshot of the year) and Your Broccoli Weekly (current issues). The Guardian likewise scooped got two honors: Today in Focus won bronze for best meeting, while Football Weekly was granted a bronze for audience members’ decision (read the full rundown of champs here).

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