September 21, 2023

Muslim youth found dead inside Kasganj police station, was called for questioning in ‘kidnapping’ case

A 22-year-old Muslim youth was observed dead inside a police headquarters in Kasganj area of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

Altaf, a worker, was brought to the Kotwali police headquarters for addressing in an elopement instance of a minor Hindu young lady. An occupant of Nagla Syed in the locale, Altaf’s body was observed hanging inside the latrine of the police headquarters.

Police have dispatched a definite investigation into the case. Administrator of Police, Kasganj, Botre Rohan Pramod, has suspended five cops, including the SHO, Virendra Singh. Other four cops are two sub-monitors and two constables.

Altaf’s family faulted the police for his passing and held a dissent outside the emergency clinic where the post-mortem examination was being led yesterday. The matter was settled after senior police authorities guaranteed severe activity against police officers viewed very muchblameworthy. Weighty police power has been conveyed to keep away from any untoward episode.

Acting SHO of Kotwali police headquarters, Ramesh Prasad said the dissection report expressed passing because of hanging. He added that the minor young lady is as yet untraceable.

As indicated by the police, the young lady from the Hindu family where Altaf was filling in as a worker, disappeared. Her dad stopped a FIR against Altaf under IPC Section 363 (grabbing) and 366 (capturing, kidnapping or initiating a lady to force her marriage).

The SP said Altaf was called for addressing at the police headquarters on Tuesday morning. During cross examination, he mentioned the police to go to the latrine. He was shipped off the latrine situated inside the lock-up of the police headquarters. At the point when Altaf didn’t return for long, the police headed inside and observed that he had endeavored to drape himself with his coat. Altaf was tracked down oblivious. Police officers surged him to the local area wellbeing focus where he kicked the bucket during treatment.

“Request is happening into the passing of Altaf. Up until this point, no FIR has been stopped into the matter,” said Ramesh Prasad.Altaf’s dad Chand Mia said that on Monday evening, a police group had gone to his home and requested to send his child for addressing for a situation. “Police let me know that they speculate my child’s part for the situation and needed to address him. I gave my child to the police who went to my home. At the point when I went to the police station, the police turned me back. Following 24 hours, the police currently say my child had hanged himself. I would say, the police had hanged my child,” said the dad.

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