October 4, 2022

Lewis Hamilton backs Sebastian Vettel after F1 reprimand for ‘same love’ T-shirt

Lewis Hamilton has focused on Formula One’s decision body, seriously condemning its choice to reprove Sebastian Vettel for wearing a T-shirt on the side of the LGBTQ+ people group before the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The four-time best on the planet Vettel wore a “same love” rainbow T-shirt during the Hungarian public song of praise on Sunday. Under FIA rules, drivers are allowed to convey a message that passes on the game’s We Race As One drive during the pre-race function. However, the dress should be eliminated for the public anthem.Vettel was called to see the stewards. He disclosed that he neglected to take off his T-shirt on account of the beginning of downpour. Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll were additionally censured after they neglected to remove their We Race As One T-shirts.

Vettel, who was deprived of his second spot in light of a fuel encroachment, revealed to Sky Sports: “I’m glad on the off chance that they exclude me. They can would whatever they like to me, I couldn’t care less. I would rehash it.”

In a now-erased message on Instagram, Hamilton posted on the side of Vettel. The British driver said: “Very glad for this person. There is no standard that says what shading shirt you can wear and supporting the LGBTQ+ people group isn’t repremandable [sic]. This is bs. All around done, Seb. I’ll go along with you next time with a similar shirt.”

Hamilton later refreshed his post, stating: “Love to see this Seb supporting the LGBTQ+ people group. Love consistently wins.”The English driver heads into the game’s mid year break with an eight-point advantage over Max Verstappen following the tumultuous race on Sunday. The seven-time best on the planet hustled from last to third – moved up to second place following Vettel’s preclusion – with an incomparable recuperation drive.

Hamilton will currently utilize the four-week break to re-energize his batteries subsequent to uncovering he was encountering indications of long Covid-19.

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