September 21, 2023

Kamila Valieva: Russian media say Olympic skater failed drug test

Russian figure skating star Kamila Valieva tried positive for a restricted medication before the Winter Olympics in Beijing, two Russian papers say.

The reports, late on Wednesday, came after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) delayed a function to introduce the 15-year-old skater and her colleagues with their Olympic gold medals.They refered to unexplained lawful reasons.

Papers RBC and Kommersant said Valieva tried positive for trimetazidine before she won the European title in Estonia last month. The medication is restricted by the World Anti-Doping Agency since it can expand blood stream proficiency and help endurance.The claimed positive test could cost Russia the group gold and furthermore compromise Valieva’s interest in the singular occasion that beginnings one week from now. The teen is a solid top choice in the competition.The IOC declined to remark on Thursday.

Mark Adams, the gathering’s representative, let journalists know that an “functioning lawful case” was in progress concerning the award service and that cases of a bombed drug test were “theory”.

“We had what was happening emerge yesterday that has a wide range of suggestions,” he said. “I’m not … going to remark on a lawful case since it wouldn’t be appropriate.”The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) additionally declined to remark on reports that Valieva had returned a positive test.

The teen conveyed one of the features of the Beijing Games up until this point when she handled the main fourfold leap by a lady in Olympic contest.

Any transition to punish Valieva or strip the group of their awards would presumably cause a public objection as figure skating is a distinction sport for Russia.Prominent writer Vasily Konov, appointee general maker at Russian games channel Match-TV, said without refering to sources that the example being referred to had been required two months prior.

“The medication trimetazidine doesn’t help a competitor in any capacity. By any means. It was found in one single example in December. A tiny sum. Nothing in her examples previously or since,” he composed via online media.

“There is no doping in the customary sense. No! This heart drug no affects … execution. Presently leave Kamila in peace.”Dr Sadiya Khan, a cardiologist and associate educator at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, told Reuters news office that in principle trimetazidine may be utilized in a solid individual to improve blood stream far in excess of typical levels.

“The thought behind it would be, possibly, assuming you upgrade blood stream, you could work on someone’s capacity to practice longer or exercise all the more effectively by permitting the heart to react super-regularly,” she said.But she said it isn’t clear in the event that the medication offers any presentation improving advantage.

“There’s a hypothetical advantage,” she said. “There’s no solid proof that it has an effect.”

Previous Russian sets skater Tatiana Volosozhar, who won two gold decorations at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, showed her fortitude with Valieva via online media, requiring the utilization of the Russian hashtag #Iwillneverbelieve to show backing to the youngster.

Her post was “preferred” on Instagram by Valieva.

Assuming that the Russian group is excluded, the United States group would be raised to the gold award without precedent for the occasion. Japan would be granted silver and fourth-place finisher Canada would get the bronze.

Russian competitors are in Beijing contending as the “Russian Olympic Committee” after the nation was prohibited in view of a monstrous state-supported doping plan at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Russia has recognized a few inadequacies in its execution of hostile to doping rules however denies running a doping program.

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