September 21, 2023

‘Freedom of religion a human right’: US strongly condemns attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh

The United States has denounced ongoing reports of assaults on the minority Hindu people group in Bangladesh. “Opportunity of religion or conviction is a common freedom. Each individual all throughout the planet, paying little mind to their strict association or conviction, should have a sense of security and upheld to celebrate significant occasions,” a State Department representative said.

“The State Department denounces the new reports of assaults on the Hindu people group in Bangladesh,” the representative said.

In the interim, Pranesh Halder, an individual from the Bangladeshi Hindu people group, in an assertion encouraged the office to guarantee that no further damage goes to the ambushed Hindus of Bangladesh. He asked US-based guard dog gatherings and media houses to feature the gravity of the viciousness in Bangladesh.

On Sunday, the Bangladeshi Hindu diaspora coordinated a dissent before the Embassy of that nation here to fight enormous scope savagery prompting the obliteration of Hindu homes and sanctuaries during Durga Puja celebrations across Bangladesh.

“It is particularly shocking to see the final Hindus in Noakhali being assaulted along these lines, 75 years after Islamists requesting the making of Pakistan, killed 12,000 Hindus and coercively changed over 50,000 to Islam in October 1946,” said Utsav Chakrabarti, Executive Director of HinduPACT, a US-based Hindu promotion bunch. HinduPACT said native Hindus keep on being the objective of coordinated disdain and segregation in Bangladesh, a nation where the minority populace has consistently diminished from 28% during the 1940s to nine percent now.

“This new influx of savagery affirms the peril native Hindus keep on confronting. Fifty years after almost 2.8 million of them were killed and one more 10 million of them turned desperate and made to become evacuees by the Pakistan Army in 1971, during the freedom battle of Bangladesh, Hindus keep on being focused on for their confidence,” it said.Microsoft leaders in 2008 cautioned Bill Gates to quit sending coy messages to a female worker however dropped the matter after he let them know he would stop, the organization uncovered Monday. The Wall Street Journal was first to report that Brad Smith, then, at that point, Microsoft’s overall guidance and presently its leader and bad habit seat, and one more chief met with Gates after the organization found unseemly messages to a mid level representative.

The paper detailed that Gates didn’t deny the trades, and individuals from the Microsoft board who were informed on them declined to make a further move on the grounds that there wasn’t any actual collaboration among Gates and the representative.

Microsoft declined to remark Monday but to affirm the Journal’s detailing. Smith didn’t return a solicitation for input made through the organization.

Entryways’ private office said in a composed explanation that “these cases are bogus, reused bits of gossip from sources who have no immediate information, and sometimes have critical irreconcilable situations.”

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